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The owner of this cool British Racing Green 1967 Mini Cooper, Michael Aragon, received it as a gift from his father. His father owned a classic British car dealership. Michael grew up around these cars and the appreciation he has for these cool cars are evident in the way this Mini looks. But Mike can’t take all the credit. In fact Mike had the pleasure to build this car  with all the mods over the course of 3 months with his grandfather. I would assume this was a really good bonding experience.

His first modification was to change the wheels. So Mike decided to throw on some 13×7.5 Superlite Rims. With his goal being to create a “neck breaker”, it appears that with the rich British Racing Green paint, Superlite wheels, and nice stance with it’s Mini sport lowering kit Mike has attained that goal. At least I know that I would be breaking my neck if I saw this Mini on the road. I’d probably snap a few pics with my phone while I was at it. 1967 Mini Cooper wheel picture

This car is about form more so than function, as Mike puts it. It used to be his daily driver until he picked up his next “neck breaker”, a convertible  BMW M3. Here’s a peak, but I don’t want to take attention away from the mini. Mike tends to get more of his performance fix from his M3.  As for the Mini he has not had any problems with the car. It’s now his baby that he only drives to car shows.  When I asked Mike “what’s his favorite thing about the Mini?” his response was “My favorite thing about the Mini is the rarity of it and the fact that it is respected by many different types of car enthusiasts.”

Unfortunately for Mike there aren’t any “Mini” car clubs or communities in the area he lives. On the other hand when he has entered this ride in car shows he has driven away with awards in his hands.

My last question to Mike was “would you ever consider selling his Mini?” his response “I don’t ever plan to sell this car. I’ve put too much money and time into it.”

Blue BMW M3 Convertible









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