Richie’s Blacked Out C63

Richie’s Blacked Out C63

Mercedes Black C63-black-rolling | Photo by Scott Chu

Photos by Scott Chu (provided by owner)

This 2011 blacked out Mercedes C63 is a vicious looking beast, and with this awesome photo shoot Scott Chu shot for Richie (the owner) you can get a sense of how intimidating the car must be in person. Immediately you get the feeling that this 451 hp 6.2L V8 must be a hell of a ride.

A Dream Come True

For Richie this beautiful beast is a dream come true. You see Richie always loved the C63. “The sound, the power, the force, it was my dream car“. It’s not hard to see why it’s his dream car. Anyone who has ever been next to a stock C63 knows that trembling growl is a sound of engineering perfection.

Mercedes C63 Rear | Photo by Scott Chu

Taking His Dream Car to the Next Level

It’s one thing to be able to own your dream car, and it’s another to be able to take that dream car to another level. That’s exactly what Richie did when he decided to mod his black beast. The first mods were the CF lip, CF roof spoiler and CF diffuser from JL motoring.

The fitment of these parts were great and the price was even better since his buddy owns JL motoring. “Quality is ok. You can’t expect the best quality if the CF goodies are made in Taiwan” according to Richie.

As excited as he was when he got his hands on the car Richie couldn’t wait to do everything he could.  Within the first 2 weeks of purchase he purchased all his CF goodies, ordered his wheels and suspension, and even did the mods on the exhaust himself. Ultimately, he wishes he would have taken his time modding the car and enjoy driving it stock.

Mercedes C63-black-sidefront-night | Photo by Scott Chu

Break Down of All the Mods

  • Forgestar F14, 19’s wheels
  • FALKEN 452 F: 245/30/19. R: 265/30/19 Tires
  • CKS Coils
  • CF Front Lip
  • CF Roof Spoiler
  • CF Rear Diffuser
  • LED License Plate Lights
  • AMG hood emblem
  • Tinted windows/fogs/headlight/tailight
  • Blacked-out chrome trim
  • 2012 C63 Grille upgrade
  • HID kit and HID Fogs (6000k on both)
  • CF mirror covers
  • CF Vent Covers
  • CF Interior wrap
  • Vorsteiner CF Spoiler
  • CF Rear Splitters
  • CF Trunk Emblem
  • Sprintbooster
  • LED interior
  • Wald Side Skirts
  • CF Pillars
  • K&N filter

Taking a Break From Modding?

Richie is taking a break from modding, but cautions that he is a bit impulsive so he may just find himself with a new hood and some engine tuning.

Best Thing About His C63

The power is by far his favorite aspect of this car, and who can blame him.

Worst Thing About His C63

The Mercedes didn’t come with HID lights.

Mercedes C63-black-frontside | Photo by Scott Chu

When asked if he has any plans to sell this car in the future

“No. I believe this will be a great collector’s car as all performance cars will be turbo-boosted in the future. NA transmission will be obsolete (if it isn’t already) in this new era of gas/power efficiency.”


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