Ravi’s 2006 Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG

Although I consider myself a die hard Bimmer guy I must say that if I were ever to consider a Mercedes the CLS55 AMG is one of my favorite Mercedes made. The sleek design, and monster motor/power have me sold. I guess this is partly what also had Ravi sold when he decided to upgrade from a 2003 Mercedes E500 to this awesome CLS55 AMG.  When I asked Ravi what made him decide to purchase this car he told me that after throwing money at the E500 trying to make it as powerful as an AMG, and also look like one, he came to the realization that it makes more sense to purchase an  AMG. He can also give some thanks to the AMG community for encouraging him to go in this direction.

It wasn’t easy for him to sell his E500, especially with the work he had already put into it. Unfortunately he decided to let it go on his birthday. Luck enough for him he quickly found and purchased this 2006 Mercedes CLS55 AMG. After aggressively negotiating a deal on this car he walked away with a “MAJOR steal”, as Ravi puts it, paying only $25, 700 for this car. Not bad at all!

Ravi’s goal when purchasing this car was to get a 4-door that had some serious power to it. On top of this he wanted a car with curves, which he definitely got when purchasing the CLS. As Ravi explaines it, in some strange way it reminds him of Kim Kardashian, well her curves that is. Maybe this is what was going through his head when he saw the car:


Kim K CLS55 AMGA performance centric enthusiast

The first mod that was done to this car was Eurocharge’s ECU tune. This mod worked out really well for Ravi, this made this car feel like “a whole new beast on the road”. He is much more of a performance rather than show kind of enthusiast so it’s no surprise this worked out well for him.  As Ravi puts it “when I had my E500, it was ALL SHOW! Now I kind of got out of that phase and want more power. I kind of feel like Vin Diesel in Fast and the Furious, “Live my life quarter mile at the time”.

Ravi is typically known on the forums as a wheel whore, which would make me raise my eyebrow and say “huh” considering his wheels look stock. But when I keep in mind that he’s gone from being a “show” kind of guy to being a more performance centric enthusiast it makes sense when he talks about his priorities for the car. The car has 85k+ miles on it so naturally it’s going to encounter wear and tear. That said ball joints are more of a priority right now than wheels. Slapping on a pulley was on his list to do, but after doing some research it seemed to make more sense to do the ECU tuning first.


Modding the Mercedes CLS55 AMG

After getting his ECU tuned,  Ravi decided to tune the TCU. Tuning the TCU allows for faster shifting and allows for the car to run much smoother than factory settings, as he puts it. In addition to this he slapped on some OEM 9.5in. Concave rims. He’s a big fan of how they spin on the road. Hopefully we’ll get to see some photos of this soon. Being a huge Lakers fan Ravi went outside the box and decided to paint his calipers purple. Now that takes some “cojones”, but more power to him – at least that’s somewhat original.

I wasn’t aware of this but according to Ravi Mercedes has a bad reputation when it comes to lighting. However, I am familiar with bad stories regarding the electrical issues Mercedes may  be known for. I must warn readers that I don’t have enough experience to validate these claims. Moving along, Ravi had his buddy, Rich from Staten Island (shout out),  help him out with painting the headlights gunmetal and doing a clear lens swap.

“The clear lens made an INCREDIBLE difference at night. I could barely see at night but now, I can see for over 50ft away!”

As summer comes to a close and winter makes its way the car will be looking stock.

Maintenance issues?

Fortunately there hasn’t been any maintenance issues for Ravi and his CLS55 AMG. There were a few bends/cracks in his wheels but he quickly got those repaired.

What do you love most about your car?

“I love how I get looks on the road from all sorts of ages. I had one lady in her 50’s complimenting me saying with a car like that, I should have a beautiful woman in the passenger seat. I grinned and looked over at my girlfriend and showed off. She hates it when people compliment my car cause she thinks it boosts my ego even more”.

What do you like least about your car?

“I hate the fact the car is heavy and is terrible on gas. But the flip side would be, on the highway, it gets great mileage for a V8 so I can’t complain much since all my driving is highway.”

What would you advise someone who’s looking to buying this kind of car?

“I would advise anyone buying an AMG is to keep LOTS AND LOTS of money stored away if the car doesn’t have warranty. My car currently has warranty so I am not too worried. These cars are beautiful and are really expensive to maintain, whether from routine oil change or a complete over haul of a blown engine.”

 Is there a community of enthusiasts in your area?

“I currently moved from NJ, which by the way has the most flakers in the country. I hated to go to car meets with NJ drivers since they always have excuses at the end. I just moved to DC, where I hear the car community is great! So let’s see what happens.”

Do you have plans to sell this car in the future?

“I have pondered on selling this car when I have kids, which will be very, very long time. I would give this car to my future wife if she wanted it. I have no reason to sell it, unless someone gives me a great offer. I do plan on getting a BMW, either M5 or X5M, sooner or later. I have always loved German cars since being a baby.”

Final note

The car is still in it’s early stages of modification and Ravi promises that this time next year it will be a whole new beast. I’m looking forward to part two of this article, and CLS lovers I bet will be eager to see this transformation.


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