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Published on September 18th, 2012 | by Niko


OMG Mercedes C63 Wagon


Joachim, the owner of this Mercedes C63 AMG wagon, was surprised when on his birthday a few years back his wife arranged a C63 to be all his for an entire weekend. He was instantly intoxicated with the power and the sound of the exhaust. Once he sobered up and came back to the reality of driving his Volvo he instantly felt the withdrawal symptoms. After several weeks of this he relapsed and gave into the C63 drug, he traded his Volvo in for this C63 wagon.

Joachim sees himself more as a performance kind of guy, but he is cautious with performance mods because of factory warranty concerns. Therefore doing cosmetic mods is easier and safer than performance mods. That being the case he threw on 19” HRE P40 on Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. He’s not concerned at all about the little added extra weight because when it comes to looks this is makes the wagon stand out.

A supercharger maybe in the works in the near future, but for now he is quite happy with the engine, performance, and looks of this C63.

Car enthusiasts from Finland, where Joachim is from, are different from those in the states. As Joachim puts it:

 “the thing that differs Europe from the States (according to my observations) is that the modding culture is completely different. When a guy buys a nice car in the states, the first question is “So what mods are you going to do?”. In Europe, at least northern Europe, cars are kept quite stock, at least on a visual level.“

I respect Joachim’s observation, but I’m hoping it’s not accurate. I’ve surfed many enthusiast forums and have seen some cool looking modded cars from Europe, and I hope to see some more. To that extent I hope Joachim is wrong.
Unfortunately, he’s had quite a few issues with the car. Some are minor electrical issues such as lights burning way too fast. Another problem is that the roof creaks on uneven surfaces. The problem has not yet been located and a message from the factory is pending.

The goal set out when trading in his Volvo in for the Mercedes has been achieved. His goal was to seek out “pure joy”, and in addition taking the C63 wagon to track days has been quite enjoyable for him. Opting for the Designo two-tone leather package gives the feeling of S-class quality. But what makes him most happy about this car is the balance of power and functionality. With a wife and two beagles and a lot of luggage to transport when going on trips to the summer house or a weekend of snowboarding on the slopes makes this a great family car, yet satisfying the needs for power and performance.



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