Mr. Pabon’s Red Mercedes C300 Flossin Vossen Wheels

Mr. Pabon’s Red Mercedes C300 Flossin Vossen WheelsMercedes-C300-Vossen-Wheels-Carbon Fiber

Mr. Pabon’s Red Mercedes C300 Flossin Vossen Wheels.

Mr. Pabon’s goal when purchasing a  Red 2008 Mercedes C300 was to break necks, one of the most visible changes was to put on Vossen Wheels.

Mercedes C300 Carbon fiber addict

He  started with a carbon fiber front lip, a rear carbon roof and trunk spoiler. Richard paid close attention to detail and tried to make sure he wasn’t copying any C-classes out there that were modified. To tie all the carbon fiber together and complete the look he added a carbon diffuser spoiler and carbon side skirts.

Mr Pabon couldn’t get enough of the carbon fiber look so he added carbon mirror covers and completely disassembled the grill and wrapped the chrome stripping with carbon wrap and painted the grill with glossy black paint for powerful look.

Mercedes C300 Blacked out grille Carbon Fiber

Aggressive touches need aggressive Vossen Wheels

You can’t add all that aggressive looking carbon fiber with out slapping on some aggressive looking wheels. Richard chose to add a set of Vossen CV3 19 x 8.5 in the front and 19x10s in the rear. He had the CV3 wheels powder coated in auto black and shortly after changed shoes again to the Vossen CV1s in granite grey for more classy look.

In addition to looks he needed something more to fit the aggressive appearance and decided to harness more sound by adding a magna flow exhaust for a deep sound.

Vossen Wheels on a Mercedes C300

Anti-chrome Mercedes C300

Richard is not a fan of chrome so he wrapped all the stripping in carbon wrap for a more DTM look. Front headlights are smoked out and rear tail lights are L.E.D and smoked as well.

He also wrapped all the stripping in the interior in carbon wrap again.  He decided to change the look in the interior with red stitching and some red piping to give it the old Benz look with the new.


Mercedes C300 Daily driver

Richard drives the Benz everyday and with  81,000 miles it still rides like the day it came out of the show room floor. “After having one I feel the need for another and another” according to Richard.

“I drive like miss daisy on the Florida roads but I do intend to open it up a little when I hit the open roads. I am adding cold air intakes this January and adding a chip for just a little more pep. I created all the work in my garage and have had several projects in the past with a Lexus is300 and won 6 first prizes with. I will be doing another photo and video shoot with Vossen to update these photos. One of the biggest thrills I get is when I park at a Mercedes Benz dealer and all the crew step out and think it is a new version of the C Class.”

And on that note Mr. Pabon successfully achieved his goal, to have people break their necks.




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