Frankie’s C300 Mercedes with Vossen CV3s

Frankie’s C300 Mercedes with Vossen CV3s

Steel Gray Mercedes C300 Vossen Wheels | Photo By Vossen Wheels


Photos by: Vossen Wheels

Frankie’s Steel Gray Mercedes C300 with Vossen CV3s

Frankie’s Mercedes C300 with Vossen CV3s looks classy and drives with much style sporting the Vossen CV3 wheels.  His approach to modding the car is to keep it clean and simple.

On many of Frankie’s previous cars he has been more of a performance and to some extent he still is with some of his other cars. He decided to take a different direction with this Mercedes.

The Mods

His main focus when he purchased the car was to lower it, H&R  coil over kit, and throw some rims on it. For Frankie there’s nothing worse than seeing a lowered car with out rims.

Like most enthusiasts Frankie found himself in a spiral effect of starting off by adding a few items to the car but then he kept wanting more. Fortunately for his bank account he’s gotten to a point where he really likes the way the car looks now.

The first items he purchased to mod his Mercedes C300 are the front lip, H&R coil over kit, and trunk spoiler. This is the way the car should have come from the factory, says Frankie.

Living in Miami he had to tint the  windows.  Then he was able to do a photo shoot with Vossen wheels,  capturing the 19’s 82’s,83’s to CV2 20” and now CV3 19’s and the clean look they give the Mercedes.

“I’m into making changes to the car in a clean way, not too much just the right amount  of changes where people always take a second or third look.”  – Frankie

Frankie is a strong believer in brand name when it comes to purchasing after market products for his cars. He strongly believes you get what you pay for.

What’s next for Frankie’s C300?

Working on  the new set of wheels and the BBK that is coming next month. The ride could use a bit more power so we’ll just have to wait and see what Frankie will have in store in the future for this ride.

Check out this really cool video featuring Frankie’s Mercedes.


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