Jesse’s BMW E46 330ci ZHP

BMW E46 330ci ZHP | Side picture

Jesse’s sparkling graphite metallic BMW E46 330ci ZHP is one stylish daily driver.  As an alternative to his previous car, an E36 M3, he decided to move on to the next generation 3 series. Jesse is a show guy, as you can see when you flip through the pics. For Jesse there’s more meaning to go for looks rather than be tempted to fly through the streets with unintended consequences. However, this doesn’t mean he will not add more horses under the hood.

Modifying with Taste

Jesse’s BMW E46 330ci ZHP modification goals are simple: tasteful and classy!

A few months after purchasing the E46 Jesse bought a matte black grille, cf roundels, and LED license plate lights. Next was a new set of smoked LED tail lights, new tires, and exhaust. All the front end work was recently completed in the spring of 12’.

Jesse was very happy to see that his vision pan out with carbon fiber accents contrasting very well with the sparkling graphite metallic paint, not to mention the black grille and smoked lights  blending right in with the glossy black window trim.


Long Term Mod Goals

One major goal that Jesse has, once his car is paid off, is to boost it, and possibly do an S54 swap. The power potential in doing these types of mods would mean he would need a rear end that could handle that kind of power, and what better than an M3 rear end to make that happen.

Car Accident

Jesse did run into some troubles with the car when he had a minor front end accident earlier in the year. For repairs he took his car to one of the best technicians he knows, which also happens to be one of his best friends, Kurt Stovall. It took them roughly a month working together in between both of their busy schedules to repair everything. It’s safe to say that the car is now better than before, and Jesse attributes much of this to Kurt’s help.

Timeless E46

What Jesse loves most about the car is that the BMW E46 is timeless. Many people tend to guess the car’s age and typically think it’s 5 years younger than it really is.

Jesse is not keen on selling the car, but if someone made the right offer he would consider it. It would be hard for him to part ways with this beauty so at this point in time there’s no rush to consider such an option.

If he did sell the car his next ride would be an E92 335. He loves this fast beast, and I’ve been around my fair share of 335s to know why.

Why does Jesse stick with BMW? Well as he puts it:

“I will have a BMW in my driveway till the day I die. They’ve proven to me that the ultimate driving machine is more than just a car. It’s passion, driving emotion, unforgettable thrills and driving control. Feeling attached behind the wheel and responding to my input is crucial. This is where engineering matches quality.”




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