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Published on September 16th, 2012 | by Niko


Jordan’s BMW E46 Wagon


The BMW Wagon

Jordan is an avid BMW lover, especially when it comes to wagons. When hunting for his ideal wagon he knew it had to be one with a manual transmission. Fortunately for him a friend of his was getting ready sell his E46 wagon which had a sport package, xenon lights, new suspension, and around $5k in maintenance over the last 10 months. This was the BMW wagon for him!

This is Jordan’s daily driver and as humble as he is, he views this as a very fun car even though it may not be the fastest one on the streets.

OEM Modding

The first mod he did was to remove the front license plate from the bumper. He wanted to get rid of the ugly front plate. Who can blame him? Most of us feel the same way about the front plate.

Jordan is more of an OEM kind of guy. He loves to tinker around with cars but using only quality or genuine BMW aftermarket parts, most of the time. He intends to drop the car on H&R race springs or ST coilovers.  The car currently has Bilsteins and H&Rs, but it’s time to replace them.

His priorities rest in in replacing worn aesthetic parts with upgrades.  For example he added a matte black vinyl over the roof to cover up some paint oxidation.

He intends to replace the front and rear bumpers with full OEM ZHP bumpers.

Jordan’s goal is to make this BMW E46 Wagon a full ZHP wagon clone. So far he has the ZHP wheels, and next up is the OEM M-tech II body. He’s also planning on performing a facelift on the hood.

Life With The Wagon

He hasn’t had much problems with the car with the exception of a leak in the radiator hose that was a pain for him to remove.

Other than that he’s very happy with the car considering “it’s rare, good on gas, looks good, turns heads on a regular basis, and the Dinan exhaust sounds great!”

His advice to other Bimmer lovers that are searching for an E46 is:

“Pony up the extra $100 for a pre-purchase inspection, it helps when a professional mechanic is going through the car with his fine tooth comb. They might find some faults that you wouldn’t have found.”  

Jordan intends on entering the car into car show exhibitions once he finishes modding the car with OEM parts. And in the future he hopes to score an E91 wagon to do modify with OEM parts as well.

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